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Zach and Gosia Founders - Wellbeing in your office
Zach and Gosia – Founders

Meet founders Gosia and Zach

Wellbeing in your Office was Founded by Gosia & Zach. It was an idea that developed from Gosia’s already established Yoga in your Office business. Their passion is to make a difference in people’s lives by increasing their workplace wellbeing. Many stress related disorders come from the way we work, manage stress and neglect our mental, physical and gut health. It doesn’t stay in the office when we finish work, we take it home with us and it affects our families too. So, if we can tackle corporate wellness, we can enrich the environment with positivity. This, in turn, will enrich teams to take that positivity home, creating a positive cycle between work and life. Happy teams make happy, profitable businesses.

We have an expert team who are able to deliver the right instruction and knowledge that your team requires to encourage health and wellbeing in the workplace. Your focus on employee wellbeing means they can cope better and thrive with the pressures of modern working.

Ready to start your wellbeing journey?