Wellbeing Reports

Wellbeing Reports

Wellbeing Reports by lumien

At Wellbeing in Your Office we partner with specialists in their field to bring your business the best quality services on the market.

Not only do we provide specialists in wellbeing services but we have partnered with lumien to provide analytical data to provide detailed understanding to the specific needs of your employees.

lumien is a data led wellbeing platform, that allows individuals, teams and organisations to measure, understand and monitor their wellbeing and it’s impact on their productivity.

Through a series of quick check ins lumien allows an individual to build a profile of their own wellbeing and receive tips, insights and actions tailored to their own experiences.

lumien also works across teams by combining data from all individuals to give an insight into how and where wellbeing is impacting your organisation. This data is anonymous and cannot be tracked back to an individual.

lumien provides actions and tips that can be performed by anyone, but is most effective when used with partners like Wellbeing In Your Office, allowing them to tailor their service to your employees needs using real data.

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