Dr. Rebecca


Dr Rebecca - Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga

Dr. Rebecca – Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga

Dr. Rebecca is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at a leading West Midlands University. She is also qualified in teaching mindfulness meditation, yoga and is a fitness instructor. She is also trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Compassion Focussed Therapy. Rebecca started out with a passion for psychology as a means to understanding how we make sense of the world. This led her to complete a master’s in Cognitive neuropsychology. It eventually brought her back to meditation and hypnosis in her PhD, using state of the art technology to understand how they affect the brain and mind, especially our awareness of our own conscious mental states. This also plays a role in her understanding of how social media and technology can impact us on a neural level and, importantly, what the emotional and behavioural consequences can be.

As joint mental health and wellbeing lead at a university, she helps to assess and monitor staff and student wellbeing, and to create and implement programmes to tackle stress and poor mental health. She also teaches mindfulness, yoga, fitness classes, and leads wellbeing sessions as part of a broader package of wellbeing for the university. Her work is both practice and research-informed. She is an active researcher in mindfulness, self-compassion, and wellbeing, with current projects on wellbeing during the pandemic and student mental health returning to university.

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