Emily – Nutritional therapy

Emily is a fully qualified, registered nutritionist with a degree from Kings College London. Her passion for nutrition began during her work as a fashion model where Emily was exposed to a vast array of health claims and fad diets. Switching her degree from Biomedical Science to Nutrition, she was determined to truly understand the science behind how food affects our bodies. 
Using evidence-based nutrition, coupled with a love and passion for real food, Emily offers a full 360 approach to health and wellbeing, with her ethos routed in food should nourish both the mind and body. Nutrition is more than just what we eat, it’s also about how we eat, our social environments and the power of the dining table. 
Nutrition is essential for your wellbeing and can bring about life-changing benefits when properly understood. Emily can both educate on a scientific level, but make nutrition relatable and applicable to your day to day life. 

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