Giuditta – First Aid for Mental Health

When human beings experience prolonged stressors and/or traumas, it is likely that their mental health will be affected. This makes it difficult to carry out day to day activities. Giuditta’s passion is to work with people to find solutions that are right for their situation.

Everyone is unique and reacts differently to stress and the experiences that cause them pain. Giuditta helps clients find solutions for their own situation and to train others to understand mental health to help remove the stigma attached to this.

Giuditta’s educational background is in Law which she studied at University of Sussex, followed by a Postgraduate in Business Education which she studied at Brighton University. She has been a teacher and trainer for over 20 years, working predominantly with people from 16 to adulthood, and particularly with those who have barriers to education and employment. She has studied a range of holistic therapies including mindfulness, mental health, colour therapy, Reiki and EFT.

In her spare time she loves salsa dancing and travelling overseas to places such as Brazil, Cuba, Europe and Kenya.

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