Jill Martin_ LifeCoach

Jill – Transformation

Jill Martin is a Transformational Health Coach, Life Coach, Emotional Healer, yoga business owner and bestselling author. She is an expert in helping people move from feeling stuck or sick, to reclaim their health and life, and live in their potential.

Prior to this Jill was an award winning marketer with a 20 year corporate career. Her drive for success and uncompromising approach – however – led to burnout, and left her with a myriad of physical problems and unable to exercise for over a year. Having always been the fittest and healthiest person in her office, she didn’t understand how her body could fail her. She came to understand the impact of stress and to recognise that that her own mind and beliefs were the most negative and destructive influences in her life. Despite her outward success she felt anxious, fearful and weak inside, and realised that somewhere along the way she had lost herself. 

She now helps people overcome their fears, reclaim their confidence, connect with their potential, and get more from themselves, their careers and lives.

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