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Mel – Nutritionist

Mel was a senior lecturer in Nutrition and Applied Physiology for over 22 years. Mel is a highly experienced nutrition consultant, appearing on National Radio and TV. She is a Registered Nutritionist and therefore meets rigorously applied standards for scientifically sound evidence-based nutrition and its use in practice.

Mel specialises in non-diet nutrition and women’s health, helping chronic dieters heal their relationship with food and their body. Her focus is on compassionate care for people with disordered eating including binge and emotional eating and to support those with chronic conditions who want to better understand and support their body. Mel’s approach includes non-diet counselling, intuitive eating, self-care practices and promotes health at every size (HAES).

She also believes you can’t beat a cuppa with a decent dunking biscuit and there is a place for all foods in our diet.

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