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Milena – Art Therapist

Milena is a Corporate Art Therapist, Life Coach, and HR Consultant.

Her qualifications include a degree in Economics, a master’s in Human Resources Management, a master’s in Strategic Counselling, as well as a 3-year Art Therapy Certification from Artedo School, Italy.

She started her career in the HR field in 2007, working in structured and multinational companies (mainly in the industrial and automotive field) where she gained 11 years of experience in recruiting, training, and people development.

She has invested in life and business coaching with an NLP Master Practitioner Degree from the ISNS International Society of Neuro-SemanticsⓇ, as well as personal development courses inspired by Louise Hay and her Positive Thinking method.

Her art therapy work has included helping older adults with mild senile dementia, mothers with family stories of mistreatment and violence, and adults on a path of personal development.

For a multinational company, she developed a program that used art therapy techniques to help the employees understand and live the company’s values. The project involved 200 employees – from all levels and functions within the company.

She has been the director for an art therapy school in Italy for two years, which offered blended training for those wanting to become Professional Art Therapists.

Today she helps people and organisations to create a culture of well-being and engagement where art-making is the tool through which people can experience their inner true essence, power, self-actualisation, and happiness. Milena proposes art-based individual and group programs using coaching and art therapy techniques.

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