Sangeeta – Nutritional therapist

I’m passionate about providing nutrition advice both to individual clients and to businesses. I ensure that nutritional recommendations and the underlying
mechanisms are explained in a straight-forward easy to understand manner, so that people have confidence to move forward with their health.
I qualified with Distinction from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, am a member of the British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and registered with the Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council. My own health journey started as a teenager when new symptoms began appearing
year on year, hay fever, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, chest infections and in my 20’s, severe back pain, mounting exhaustion and deteriorating mental wellbeing. Then in my 30s I started to experience agonising pain and bleeding when visiting the bathroom.
Various GPs prescribed medications as work-arounds but none had root-cause solutions, until finally my current GP told me to look at my diet and potential food intolerances, with the alternative of MRI scans and surgery. I’d been taught to think of food as calories (rather than nutrients), and was within
healthy weight range, so it didn’t occur to me that food was the problem. In hindsight, although my diet was “standard”, it was unbalanced with too many refined and processed foods, lacking the raw materials my body needed. So I embarked on a full-elimination diet, cutting out all potential allergens for 6 weeks, and to my absolute amazement after just 1 week, every single one of my symptoms disappeared.
This led to a period of self-experimentation with foods and supplements but I found information in books and on the internet confusing and conflicting. I decided to study biomedicine and nutritional therapy where I learned about the science and mechanics of the body at a cellular level, nutritional requirements for each gender and age group, the evidence for protocols in specific situations, how to use supplements safely and at therapeutic doses, and working correctly alongside clients’ medication programs. I implemented this knowledge into my own life, and now I harness the therapeutic benefits of a well balanced, plant-based diet. My digestive system is “happy”, I barely catch colds, I have motivation and energy throughout the day, enjoy long cycle rides

(50-100 miles), indoor bouldering / climbing, swimming, surfing, and full days in my garden allotment. My muscle strength, balance and endurance have significantly increased and at age 45, I played in two Division 1 badminton leagues for Worcester and Birmingham, and won 1st place in the local Birmingham winter bouldering competition in my age group. I’m looking forward to my 50s!

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