Will Crawford.

Will is a Classical Guitarist and Music-Mindfulness Practitioner based in the UK. Will studied Classical Guitar and Performance at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire under Mark Ashford and Mark Eden where he graduated with a First-Class Honour’s degree. Since then, Will has gone on to develop a music informed mindfulness practice. Through this, Will helps people better understand the health and wellbeing benefits of mindfulness all through the power of music. 

Moving away from traditional spoken guided meditation Will works with his own musical compositions to act as the guide to meditations; helping you to find a deeper and more focused space. In his online and in-person courses, Will approaches many traditional mindfulness techniques through a musical light. With this comes methods to increase focus and productivity as well as helping to better understand stress management and anxiety relief. During his sessions he allows participants to develop a stronger understanding of their body through expressive musical exercises, exploring the internal and external sounds of the voice, breath and body. Will has a passion for introducing people to new and exciting music, he spends time exploring and discussing musical ideas, styles and theories in the hope of deepening and influencing the way people approach music.

“From a personal point of view, I try to teach the value of just listening to a piece of music. That means giving the music your complete attention, not whilst driving, cooking, or on your phone – simply sat listening. We can all relate to how powerful and moving music is. Music has always been there, to boost our highs or to comfort our lows. I have been studying music my entire life and I am still realising its enormous potential for improving wellbeing, mental and physical health. At the same time since my early adulthood, I have begun to realise the power of embodied practices such as meditation and mindfulness. Through my personal practise of these methods, I am constantly reminded of similar feelings and emotional revelations that I have only experienced through music.” 

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