Steve – Hypnotherapist

As a professional, Registered Hypnotherapist in the UK. I have helped groups and individuals bring about life changes for 16 years. I work with organisations such as The British Medical Association, Wolverhampton College, Acorns Childrens Hospice, Homeserve and Help Harry Help Others Charity among others.

I unstick people. I work with already successful groups and individuals to release their fears and their blocks. To allow them to perform better. I help people discover and be the best version of themselves using a combination of Hypnosis, mindfulness and NLP.

Specialising in supporting staff wellbeing (stress release, anxiety release, resilience and even weight loss) along with motivation and success. I have gained great experience and had much success in the Business, Sport, Medical and Educational sectors over this time.

In addition to the group work I specialise in core areas with individual clients, often supporting existing medical intervention and business/sport support strategies where appropriate;

  • Anxiety
  • Weight Release
  • Business Performance
  • Sport Performance

I also help people in the many other areas associated with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

I am based in West Midlands and travel throughout the Country offering talks and demonstrations to help increase the awareness of how powerful and often misunderstood Hypnosis is.

I am a Registered Hypnotist and Chinosis Coach with the Academy of Hypnotic Arts and also hold an SNHS diploma in Hypnotherapy. I am fully insured to practice.

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