Financial Wellbeing at Work

One of the best ways to help employees achieve financial wellbeing is by offering financial planning and education services.

Financial Wellbeing

A recent study of the British workforce found that 46% of employees worry about their finances.

Two thirds of employees who are struggling financially report at least one sign of poor mental health that could affect their ability to function at work. These include loss of sleep, poor concentration and reduced motivation. (Source: Money and Mental Health Policy Institute)

Financial wellbeing can be described as freedom from the psychological burden that money concerns bring. By looking at some basic principles and skills, we aim to equip people to move from concern about money – be it going backwards or just not knowing where it all goes – to an intentional use of money to meet lifestyle goals. Long term financial resilience and freedom from money worry then becomes a very real possibility. This is not a process of telling anyone what to do with their money. Rather it is a process of exploring options and choices and empowering people to make the best use of the money that is available to them.

Financial Wellbeing - Wellbeing in Your Office

Intro to financial wellbeing

This is a short introduction to the principles that underpin financial wellbeing. There is no maximum number of people and it is designed to be a one way delivery with some questions at the end. Typically this could be described as a conference style delivery and is shorter in duration than a workshop.

The session will aim to cover the following:

– How to make best use of available income
– What is a budget and how to set one up
– Planning ahead and avoiding surprises
– Online/digital tools to help with budgeting
– Avoiding debt

Duration: 60mins

Financial Wellbeing - Wellbeing in Your Office

4 session workshop

This will run over four sessions and provide ample opportunity to unpack all the principles and skills of financial wellbeing and develop a clear personalised plan.
There will be a maximum number of people and the setting is more personalised and interactive.

Duration: 4*60 mins

What this is not
We are not attempting to give any financial advice and nor are we qualified to do so. We will not make personal recommendations of any kind. We will, however, work with tried and tested principles to enable people to make their own choices.

Employers can help their employees achieve financial wellbeing by providing them with relevant resources, support, and education.

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