December Awareness Days: Spreading Cheer, Not Stress

December Awareness days provide a platform to promote issues that need attention and action on a global level. By bringing people together to advocate for a cause, awareness days create visibility, solidarity, and motivation for change on major challenges we face as a society. This article highlights several awareness days in December related to diversity, mental health, and wellbeing. Their themes offer insights into how employees want their workplaces to show up on these significant issues.

How to Support Mental Health at Work: Practical Strategies for Promoting Mental Health at Work

‘How to support mental health at work’ is a question that continually surfaces on the agenda of employers worldwide. At Wellbeing in Your Office, we also think that mental health support in the workplace is more important now than ever. Many employees consider mental health support an important factor when deciding where to work.

Financial Wellbeing at Work: Why Financial Stress is Draining Your Employees (and How to Fix It)

“Financial Wellbeing at Work” has become an increasingly important topic of conversation. Recent surveys show that over half of employees live payday to payday, with little to no savings for emergencies or retirement. This lack of financial wellbeing takes a significant toll on workers and employers alike. Stress over money has been called the top distraction at work today.

National Grief Awareness Week: How to Find Support During a Difficult Time

National Grief Awareness Week serves as an important reminder that grief is a natural response to loss that deserves understanding and support. Though grief can be intensely painful and disruptive, it is possible to move through it in a healthy way with self-compassion, professional help when needed, and support from employers and coworkers.

Employee Engagement: Why it matters now more than ever.

Engaged employees are more profitable, safer, healthier, and less likely to leave their jobs. Organisations reap tremendous benefits by focusing on employee engagement. Measuring engagement through surveys and pulse checks provides important insights. Look at engagement drivers like leadership, culture, empowerment, and growth opportunities.

What is Mental Health First Aid training?

‘What is Mental Health First Aid training?’ is a crucial question to address in our fast-paced work environments where promoting mental wellbeing is increasingly important. This training is essential in preparing individuals to identify and respond to emerging mental health issues or crises promptly and effectively.

Wellness Day: Plan the Ultimate Office Wellness Day

Join the ranks of our many satisfied clients and give your team the tools to thrive in a happier and healthier work environment. Establishing a thriving atmosphere of wellness in the office may feel like navigating an intricate maze. That’s why we’re here – to guide you on a clear path towards a healthier, happier, and more engaged work environment. Let’s get started on this exciting journey together.

Wellbeing Activity Ideas: how to boost your mental health

Discover diverse wellbeing activity ideas to boost your mental health at work and infuse your workspace with positivity and resilience. From physical activities that boost endorphin levels to creative pursuits that offer a therapeutic escape, every strategy here can be personalised and integrated seamlessly into your work routines. Remember, prioritising wellbeing doesn’t mean taking huge leaps at once.

What makes a good mental health first aider?

What Makes a Good Mental Health First Aider?

Being a mental health first aider is not just about having the knowledge and skills to support others; it’s also about making a real difference in someone’s life. We will explore the benefits of being a mental health first aider, the importance of completing the First Aid for Mental Health Course, and how both individuals and workplaces can benefit from having trained mental health first aiders.