Office Christmas Party – Help your team survive it in 2020

Christmas Party 2020 - Wellbeing in YOur Office

This year’s Christmas parties are different, that’s for sure! The whole country is under different Covid-19 regulations and many restaurants are closed. Some companies are resorting to hosting their office Christmas office party on Zoom.

We have put together some tips for you to help your employees navigate the reality of these virtual parties:

  1. Watch how much you drink and avoid drinking games! It’s so easy to record these meetings… And remember that your boss is likely to be watching you!
  2. Make some effort to dress up, and for heaven’s sake, put your pants on! Does this point need explaining any further? And by the way, pyjamas AREN’T considered party wear (unless you’ve been told that’s the theme of the party).
  3. Choose an appropriate room for your virtual office Christmas party, preferable not the toilet/bathroom (even if the wi-fi signal is the best there). Have you heard of Zoom etiquette?
  4. Consider your background. Your colleagues don’t want to see a pile of dirty laundry or your unmade bed. Have simple background (a wall or a bookshelf), or use one of the virtual ones.
  5. More light is better, you want your colleagues to be able to see you clearly. If you have a ring light, use it (it’s cheaper than Botox).
  6. Please do your private things in private, e.g. don’t pick your nose (or if you must, turn your camera off).
  7. If you’re not talking, turn your microphone off. Nobody wants to hear you cough or your dog barking.
  8. If you’re in charge of organizing the office Christmas party, make sure that it’s even remotely entertaining. How about some fun virtual games? https://teambuilding.com/blog/zoom-games You’re welcome!

With no taxi to catch, you can just stumble into your bed after the party is finished! It’s a win-win situation.

We look forward to hearing about your office party this year! Share your virtual party experiences with us.


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