Yogic moment for someone with anxiety

Yogic Moment - Wellbeing in Your Office

If you ask Zach (our Co-Founder) about an example of how yoga helped his anxiety and OCD, he will tell you a story of the yoga class and Mike.

Zach had an issue with his new boss Mike (not his real name) and you know when it just seems to keep playing on your mind? Obsessing basically. Well, Zach was having one of these moments where he just could not shake this new boss out of his head. It was Friday evening and he was turning up to his yoga class a touch late as usual, racing across London to get there (totally non yogic but hey, he was trying). I’ll let Zach take over…

“So I walk into the studio, and start the sequence the teacher is teaching and I can barely concentrate on it. I thought, how can I do this class with him (Mike) in my head, I cannot let it go! I just wanted to run out of the class and yell at the top of my voice. Now that could have worked but I would have scared the other 50 yoga students half to death who were getting into their flow. I stuck with it but wondered how will I even get through the weekend with bloody Mike stuck in my head? I managed to get through the class and then into savasana (the nice lie down bit at the end where you do nothing). I stood up from it and realised Mike had gone out of my head, completely,  no attachment to it. It was like I had been cleansed. I was calm and not wanting to run away and yell. That’s when I realised, This stuff actually works! I then went home, and actually enjoyed my weekend without obsessing over ‘Mike’. Thank God for yoga I thought”.

Sometimes, to get over obsessive thoughts or anxious worries, a combination of mindful movement and meditation can really make a difference. We don’t all get access to yoga classes all the time so simple mindful movement or just meditation can bring about grounding that can give some space for the mind.

Check out our download of a handy 3 minute breathing space meditation that can be used to get some space when things start to get on top.