Weekend wellbeing tips for relaxation

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Our mental and emotional health are as important as physical health, and we all need to take a little time to look after ourselves. Here are some quick and easy ways to ensure you take care of yourself with our weekend wellbeingContinue reading “Weekend wellbeing tips for relaxation”

10 ways to maintain mindfulness over Christmas 

The festive season is a chance for many of us to celebrate – spending time with family and friends, parties, food and making plans. Unfortunately, it is also one of the busiest, stressful and most expensive points of the year. Our habits and routines are different, and the weather is cold and dark, making itContinue reading “10 ways to maintain mindfulness over Christmas “

Why teaching staff to mindfully meditate will improve your business sales and profit

Meditation is renowned for being able to reduce stress levels, improve focus, concentration and clarity, and helps to improve resilience, overall mental health and a greater level of work satisfaction. Practised for over 2,500 years, meditation allows an individual to use mindfulness to relax and achieve a mentally calmer state.  But did you know thatContinue reading Why teaching staff to mindfully meditate will improve your business sales and profit

How to build resilience

Resilience represents our ability to adapt to a situation and face sudden difficulties head on. When unexpected events happen including medical emergencies or illness, the loss of a loved one, workplace stresses and sudden financial difficulties, people who are described as being resilient are able to use their strengths to withstand adversity and ‘bounce back’. Continue reading “How to build resilience”

How yoga helped me deal with the effects of Covid-19.

It has been a long few months since the lockdown started. Things are slowly getting back to a relative ‘normal’. However, a lot of people are still dealing with Covid-19 related long-term symptoms. More and more information about this is starting to emerge from many sources. Following my post from a few weeks ago (seeContinue reading “How yoga helped me deal with the effects of Covid-19.”