10 reasons for good gut health


Wherever you look at the moment, there’s an article that suggests a healthy gut
is the key to better health.
You may be wondering if this is just another fad that will soon go out of fashion?
After all we are constantly being subjected to conflicting information caused by
the food industry and the latest health “guru” which can make knowing what to
eat feel overwhelming and confusing.
The good news is that looking after your gut health doesn’t have to be
complicated, restrictive or another gimmick. Instead, extensive scientific research
conducted by top nutritional scientists and health professionals suggests a
happy gut is essential in supporting your physical and mental wellbeing. Experts
are only just scratching the surface of this “new organ” in the body, so it’s more
than likely that there are lots more exciting discoveries to come.

Here’s what the science tells us so far:

10 Reasons to love and look after your gut

  1. Your gut is a home to trillions of microbes that all play an important role in
    your health.
  2. Gut microbes help determine how we respond to fat and sugar in our
    diets, thus influencing our metabolism and weight.
  3. 70% of our immune cells live in our gut, preventing us from infection &
  4.  A healthy gut produces 95% of Serotonin and 50% Dopamine (key
    neurotransmitters responsible for mood regulation).
  5. Dysbiosis, or gut flora imbalance, leads to food allergies and intestinal
    permeability (leaky gut) 
  6. Increase the amount of whole, unprocessed plant foods in your diet-
     these are foods in their most natural state and often contain just 1 item on
    the ingredients list.
  7. Aim to eat 30+ plant-based foods a week including fruits, vegetables,
    wholegrains, beans, lentils, herbs and spices. These foods are rich in
    prebiotic fibre and polyphenols (packed with antioxidants).
  8. Probiotic foods like Sauerkraut, Kefir and Kimchi, contain live bacteria that
    are beneficial for your body. Eating small quantities of these foods
    regularly help “seed” your gut with new types of “good bugs”
  9. Give your gut a break! Reducing snacking between meals and overnight
    allows the gut to rest, regulate our blood sugar and reduce inflammation. 
  10. Reduce and manage your stress- the stress response slows digestion, so
    your food sits in your stomach and intestines, causing bloating, gas, and
    So, the next time you’re in the supermarket, see if you can find some exciting
    new fruits, veggies and other gut boosters that you can add to your diet. Diversity
    is key to a happy, healthier gut and all the benefits it has to offer!

At Wellbeing in Your Office we offer nutrition sessions to help teach your team how to improve their gut health which leads to better focus and productivity and reduced absence from ill health.