5 Key Wellbeing Tips for Managing Teams Working Remotely

The pandemic has meant that many of us are now working from home on a regular basis, either permanently or as part of a hybrid home / office setup.  While working from home certainly has many benefits, it can present a number of challenges when managing a team. Lack of access to resources or informationContinue reading “5 Key Wellbeing Tips for Managing Teams Working Remotely”

How to build resilience

Resilience represents our ability to adapt to a situation and face sudden difficulties head on. When unexpected events happen including medical emergencies or illness, the loss of a loved one, workplace stresses and sudden financial difficulties, people who are described as being resilient are able to use their strengths to withstand adversity and ‘bounce back’. Continue reading “How to build resilience”

The physical and mental signs of continuous stress

What is Stress? Stress is something that we all experience at some point in our lives. When we feel stressed, we develop a reaction of being overwhelmed, unable to cope with our situation. There are lots of things that can trigger feelings of stress within the body and mind – a sudden change in circumstances,Continue reading “The physical and mental signs of continuous stress”