Meditation for stress reduction – Why teaching staff to mindfully meditate will improve your business sales and profit.

Wellbeing in the office

Meditation is renowned for stress reduction, improved focus, concentration and clarity, and helps to improve resilience, overall mental health and a greater level of work satisfaction. Practised for over 2,500 years, meditation allows an individual to use mindfulness to relax and achieve a mentally calmer state. 

But did you know that meditation can also be used to actually improve your business sales and profit?

Why should you teach your staff to mindfully meditate?

Meditation lowers stress levels 

It is inevitable that all employees will feel levels of stress at some point in their job. Mindful meditation allows an individual to relax and focus on creating a calm mind, lowering stress levels and allowing them to think more clearly when working on a task or project. Lowering an employee’s stress levels will also reduce the risk of sickness absence within the workplace. 

Meditation helps to balance our emotions 

By lowering stress levels, it is more likely that your employees will experience a better balance of emotions within the workplace. Better communication within team members and better customer service will inevitably follow. 

Meditation for stress reduction improves resilience

Resilience is necessary in any workplace, particularly during busy times of the day, month and year. For more information about resilience, visit our blog post here. Meditation is effective at being able to improve individuals’ resilience levels, allowing them to ‘bounce back’ when faced with seeming failures or losses in their job. 

Meditation improves concentration, focus and productivity 

By meditating mindfully, the calmer and more focused mental state is thought to boost productivity levels. With so much to do it is easy to become overwhelmed and therefore do very little. Meditation allows the mind to calm, allowing an employee to take a step back and prioritise. It also improves concentration and focus, allowing for a higher level of productivity. 

How can we help teach your staff to mindfully meditate?

Are you looking to help your staff learn how to mindfully meditate? We offer mindful meditation in the form of meditation classes, workshops, talks and courses. Ceck out some of our mindful sessions here.

Class – This style of delivery has a maximum number of people and is designed to guide participants through mindfulness meditation. It is one way with discussion at the end and is meant as an intimate experience.

Workshop – This has a maximum number of people and is interactive throughout the session. The setting is more personalised and has more engagement from the audience.

Course – This is designed to have the maximum impact on your team. Like the workshop, it has a maximum number of people. This will involve weekly sessions in office and/or zoom, homework for participants and will imbed long lasting positive changes and habits.

Talk – This has no maximum number of people and is designed to be a one way delivery with some questions at the end. Typically this could be described as a conference style delivery and is shorter in duration than a workshop.