Wellbeing Ideas for the Workplace

How does your business deal with workplace wellbeing and stress? We have put together some great wellbeing ideas to help improve the wellness in your workplace. They are very easy to implement and they won’t break the bank! With more and more people going back to the office after the lockdown, it is now more important then ever to make sure that we include wellbeing in our working lives.

There is more and more research being done on the effects of stress on the body and on the brain, and the results are shocking.  ‘Prolonged stress can not only exacerbate existing physical illnesses in the body, it can actually create new ones such as asthma, panic attacks, or even cardiovascular disease.  In addition to the physical body, stress also creates a hormonal reaction in the brain which, if prolonged can lead to serious mental health issues such as anxiety and depression (source: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/the-impact-of-stress-on-our-brains-and-our-work/)

1. Health Library

Help create a company health library that includes helpful books on mental and physical wellbeing. We usually read a book once, put it back on a shelf and forget about it. Why not share your favourite books about mindfulness, yoga or meditation with everybody at the office?

2. Yoga lessons

Book a yoga or mindfulness teacher to teach a weekly class. Yoga and mindfulness greatly increase focus, creativity and productivity!

3. Nutrition

Invite a nutritionist to give nutrition advice classes during work hours. They will teach employees how to make fast, delicious, and healthy meals for themselves and their families. Wellbeing in Your Office has teamed up with some fantastic nutritionists, who are experts in their fields. Read about our selection of nutrition courses and workshops here: https://wellbeinginyouroffice.com/wellbeing-services/nutrition/

4. Bring your pet to work day

Consider allowing employees to bring their pets to work once a month. What can be better for your wellbeing than cuddles with a kitten or a puppy?

5. Casual dress code

Convert to a business-casual or just casual workplace attire dress code if appropriate for your business. Employees will be able to feel more empowered when they’re allowed to express themselves, and aren’t required to wear something that feels like an uniform each day.

6. Birthdays

Make employees feel special by giving them the day off on their birthday!

7. Take regular breaks

Encourage employees to take a 15 minute break every 90 minutes. Studies show this increases productivity by allowing employees to feel rested. They can return to their workspaces physically and mentally refreshed.

8. Tea instead of coffee!

Provide a good selection of teas (caffeinated and herbal) in the break room, to help reduce coffee intake.

9. Gym

Negotiate a reduced membership rate for employees at a local gym.

10. Break room

Unused meeting rooms can be turned into meditation / quiet places for employees! These rooms are usually empty, but they can provide a much needed breathing space for everybody!

Share further wellbeing ideas on how to improve the wellness in your workplace. Maybe your company has already implemented some of the ones we mentioned?

Make sure you forward the link to this article to your wellbeing/HR manager and share it with your colleagues!

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